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Moderator Search!
Ok people

If you want help us here and being a Mod let us know and tell us if you have did that befor and know what to do.

We admins will decide later then who will it be. I think we will chose 2 people for this little "Job"

I want be a mod, i know what to do
yo: zuddizud
RIP Lynn Strait (1968-1998)
I'm already mod on Tradersden but if you need my help....
I would be a mod as well.
With me, there won't be any "flaming", fighting, crying, being silly, and so on and so forth Big Grin

Yes, we can!

And yes, I know, what to do.
[Image: lifadrammstein.gif]

[Image: uploaderoftheyear.jpg]
Lucifer and Antinea are the new Mod?s
Congratulations Antinea and Lyucifer!
Formerly Bunny

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