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Rules To Abide By
All of the rules and guidelines that are outlined here are pretty much set in stone unless an Admin says otherwise. These rules are to be taken into consideration with posting and uploading. If a rule is violated, the user will receive a warning from either one of the moderators or the administrators. Upon second offense, the user in question will be banned for a brief amount of time, to be decided by the one issuing the ban and reviewed by the Admin. Third strike results in a perma-ban and access to the forum will be completely revoked. Accused members have the opportunity to make an appeal, but after the third offense, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to make a case for yourself.

These rules are simple, straightforward, and nothing new. It should be no problem for everyone to abide by them and to help promote a friendly community among the Filmer's Neighborhood.

Member-specific rules
  • The majority of members here speak English, and, seeing as how this is the default language, members must speak English in most topics. Unlike with the previous message board, members should not switch from speaking English in one instance and then a different language in the same topic, flip-flopping back and forth. Members may feel free to private message one another in their desired language.

  • Flaming will not be tolerated at all. We will all disagree on something at one time or another, but blatant verbal attacks towards another member is unacceptable. Each member is assumed to act in a mature manner.

  • Members should learn to use the "Edit" button as soon as possible, rather than double-posting. Double-posting or more proves to be annoying in most cases and in most instances will not be permitted.

  • Everyone is encouraged to register, participate, and actively upload content to keep the forums active and interesting. This doesn't seem likely to present a problem considering many of our members are very active filmers and tapers.

  • When downloading a concert filmed or uploaded by another, each person is strongly encouraged to post a reply in that respective topic, thanking the uploaders for their efforts. This is not only polite but also encourages the uploader to continue sharing their footage.

  • Trolling is completely out of the question.

Rules for creating threads, posting replies, etc.
  • New threads should have a clear purpose for being created which should be indicated in the thread's title.

  • Members are encouraged to stay on topic in a thread. If a topic is straying too far off course, the moderators will have the power to split the topic up to prevent confusion and the merging of two completely separate topics.

  • No pornographic material should be posted, including photos, videos, or links to such content on other websites. This is a forum dedicated to our passion for filming concerts and should remain this way.

  • Obviously, spamming the forum will not be tolerated. This includes creating multiple topics in an attempt to get people to reply or notice you, even if your first topic has no replies. This is a waste of space and will clutter the forum. That goes for any bots as well; they are instantly perma-banned. Stupid bots.

  • Please try not to post meaningless replies, such as "lol," "haha," or anything similar that doesn't add anything to the overall thread.

Member's profiles
  • Each member is responsible for the information that they share in their profile.

  • Avatars and signatures should not exceed the allotted height, width, and size in kilobytes.

  • It would be wise for each member who is a filmer to fill in their location in their profile so others will know who to contact in a certain country in order to get a specific show filmed.

  • Only footage from concerts are allowed to be uploaded. This site is legit, so no illegal uploading of ANY copyrighted and officially released material, including but not limited to audio CDs and music DVDs.

  • Although not absolutely necessary, for the sake of organization, include one of the tags below, just before the thread title, indicating where the file is uploaded.

  • [MU] - Megaupload
  • [RS] - Rapidshare
  • [MF] - Mediafire
  • When posting a new thread with your upload in it, indicate what format the DVD is, or what format the lossy files are in (.avi, .mpg, .wmv, .mp3, etc.)

  • Also, including the the link to the upload in a code would be best to prevent the files from accidentally being mistaken for disallowed material by the filehost, using the code command, which looks like this:


  • Do not steal other people's links; they took the time to share footage with everyone, so there is no need to rob them of their satisfaction.

  • For decreased file sizes, shows can be zipped or rar'ed into separate parts (part.1, part.2, part.3, etc.).

These are the tentative rules so far, but could possibly be edited in the future. Stick around and enjoy the forums and all of the footage that will be shared. Contribute yourself to promote a stronger community, download often to keep the links alive, and most importantly, have fun!
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