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BYE BYE! Forum will close in june.
Weird to make a last post and I don't even know if the people who already joined The Great Migration can read it but here we go.. Wink

Time flies, can't believe this forum exists since January 2010!
From the start this felt a lot more intimate than the bandsvideos forum and in a way it's nice it remained that way.
I joined bandsvideos board on October 10th 2007 which was 1 year and 1 day before the first concert I went to: Disturbed and Shinedown in Brussels on October 11th 2008. Smile

If I remember correctly I discovered bandsvideos through Google because I was looking for Lordi bootlegs of all bands. Which was a year after they won Eurovision Song and there weren't many videos on YouTube back then.

Was between 14-15 years old then, definitely one of the youngsters on the forum and to be honest I never really lost that feeling.
I'm not sure if I would've even started filming shows if it wasn't for this forum, but on the first concert I went to I already had a camera with me.
Walked in nervously because of the horror stories I've read on the bandsvideos forum about getting caught with a camera which made me a bit worried, but luckily the security here -usually- doesn't really mind.

Looking at traders sites peaked my interested, it was fun to look at sites to find out which shows they had.
I especially liked it when there were info pages for separate shows so you could get an idea what the quality of the recording was, so when I made my own site (september 2008 which is when I started trading) I tried to add as many details as I could.
Mainly inspired by Lepermessiah26 for the people who were on MetPage Forum, he had an awesome site with a lot of details and Disturbed shows so that helped me a lot to pick the shows I wanted to collect.

I used to add every show I received pretty fast after I got them to keep my site up to date, because I knew that if I'd stall it'd pile up pretty quickly.
But as you can see here:
...I couldn't keep up anymore after less than a year... Oops!
Back then I couldn't trade online because of terrible and limited bandwidth internet, so everything had to be done by snail mail.
Countless trips to the post office (which is luckily 1 minute walk from my door), and a lot of money in shipping costs and especially blank discs. If I remember correctly it used to be over €1 for 1 single disc so it became costly rather quickly.
It's easy to become nostalgic about that time but I definitely don't miss that, trading online (or by exchanging hard drives) is way more convenient.
But overtime it became more about collecting and less about actually watching the shows.. which was when my interest in keeping the site updated faded too, as well as trading itself.

2010 and the switch to this forum happened.
As I've said: from the start this felt a lot more intimate than the bandsvideos forum (who remembers those flashgames by the way??).
It was a smaller group of people who made the switch from bandsvideos to this forum, which made it easier to interact and get to know each other.
This was also the year I met Dennis (Lamb of God AB 2010 which I believe made us both fall in love with August Burns Red Wink) and Remy (Deftones AB 2010! Which is to this day still one of my all-time favorite shows!).
It was so cool to interact with people, wether online or in real life, with the same share interest in music, in concerts, in concert videos and archiving.
Even when our music taste wasn't always the same (right, TripKore? Smile), there were still mutual interest about the other aspects.

Anyway, jump forward to 2014 when I made a site through Flavor's awesome PHPRECDB-site.
The PHPRecDB system was a lot more user friendly than Weebly and it sparked my interest again in actually watching the recordings and adding them so that the information would be available for other people aswel.
But again the interest, and the time I could invest in it, faded. I still loved, and still do love, going to concerts, but it doesn't happen often that I watch a full concert anymore. Which made it less important for me to share the details about a specific recording too.
If I want to watch a concert video now, I usually hop to YouTube, even for my own masters..

Jump forward again, 2018..
When I got an external audio recorder! Thanks to Garo for guiding me through that, never thought I would've gone there and I still find it a bit awkward to use but it does make the result a ton better for sure.
Just a shame my computer can't handle mixing the audio to my video anymore these days haha.
Which sucks because I still want to upload Primordial and Mastodon for Paganec! It's hard to allow myself to forget things sometimes haha.

It's 2022 now..
Many concerts later, and I still like going to shows.
I think a big part of the inactivity the past 2 years is because of barely concerts happening, but gotta admit that even before that, we couldn't really call it a "traders" community anymore, more an ex-trader hangout. Smile

Filming a concert in itself is special too, sometimes it made shows I didn't like more bearable 'cuz it kept me busy (Within Temptation at Werchter comes to mind...).
And with a good show it felt great to get a good shot and closeup, and I always felt proud when people mentioned the framing of the videos (FotherMucker and SOBERONEZ, who is my favorite concert filmer, come to mind).
I lost a lot of older videos (pre-2012) because YouTube deleted my channel because of copyright reasons, but Korn in Brussels 2010 is probably the one that made me really love filming shows. The HD camera made a lot of difference too.

It's been 2 years since I've filmed a show too but even though I rarely watch them, I believe the passion for filming and archiving is still there.
It's just when you've seen bands several times, it became less important to get every single show you see on video, especially when you barely watch them anyway
and overtime I've come to enjoy shows without a camera in my hand too, and not worrying about capturing memories but just living in the moment.
Which is a very valuable lesson actually now that I think about it..

So I'm sure the future will involve more concerts and more filming, but probably less than it used to be
& definitely less trades and uploads than there used to be.

I wonder when I finally get a new PC (some day.. Wink) if I'd find the passion for creating camera mixes again, those were a lot of fun to do as long as laptop wanted to cooperate.

Time and people change so I also have to admit that this might be a good time to close the forum..

Thanks for the memories, friendships, trades, conversations, sharing knowledge and passion, and just being an awesome group.
I don't wanna start naming people here, some of them aren't even on the forum anymore (okay, one name, shout to Cesar who brought the most life to the shoutbox when he was around Big Grin ), but if you ever had contact with me I hope you know yourself that I'm thankful.  Wink
I know this forums had some downs too at times but I always tried to stay out of conflicts and rather focus on the positives.

I like Flavor's idea of archiving the board too, preservings histories and memories is what mainly brought us together here in the first place.

See you around on Discord, YouTube, Facebook, or concerts?

This was a longer post than I had in mind but hey, brings back memories again to when I used to post concert reviews.  Tongue

Ansem out...  Wink
wow.. reading this text, it leaves me with a sentimental feeling
i moved the forum to (for archive purposes)
Thanks to everyone who kept this one alive. Good memories.
shows to attend 21.02.18 * updates daily

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