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BYE BYE! Forum will close in june.
I was informed by Vortex that the domain is paid until June this year and after that it will be discontinued.

As far as i know the forum was founded in january 2010 and is owned by ingram. Therefore I like to thank him in particular and all other people how started this website (who are mostly gone since years).

I became de-facto administrator of this page in 2013. Nobody asked me for it. I helped fixing a technial problem and optained the password. Because nobody else was around I took care for the website the next 9 years to keep it up running.

I think it is the right time to close the forum. There are no new member registrations, old members left and the forum discussions are nearly dead. I think it refers to the current state of the hobby "bootleg collecting". It was a fun time, but the hobby isn't intersting for new/young people anymore in a time when cellphone-sourced-videos on youtube have better quality than 70% of my old VHS-transfered video collection. I miss the feeling to hunt for specific videos, discussing trades and sending postal packages around the world. Young music lovers will never understand, what I'm talking about: Concert videos are free available now for everybody everytime. So i would summerize, that it was a great hobby, but technical progress eliminates the circumstances bootleg trading came from.

sooo.... whats left?

Vortex came up with the idea to move to a Discord channel. In my opinion that makes sence since the most active part of this forum was the shoutbox the last years.

I think about archiving the forum and copying it to my phpRecDB website (maybe something like It will be fully functional, but I understand it only as knowledge resource and not as continuation of this website.

I like to thank everybody for keeping up this small community for over a decade Smile

Added by Vortex:
Here's the discord invitation link for those of you who is not ready for this small community to die:
I agree with you! It was a fun time!

Thanks to all members! I remember when it was at and in one day we moved here. : No porn, just pure KoRn! 19 YEARS ONLINE!
So sad, but udnerstandable, since the forum was so inactive in the last 2-3 years.

Discord invite is invalid, please post a new.
Next shows to tape:
Michael, you got Rammstein masters, we can do a deal via snail mail once I film RATM in Prague, only for you and for the sake of nostalgy of course Big Grin

Seriously, I know what you mean. This board used to be so alive, sucks it isnt anymore. Had great time with some of the people here. The Discord thing could work, at least it is worth trying.

Thank you to everyone who participated to this forum, who helped creating it and keeping it alive as long as possible. Cheers!
My site: click here
My Youtube channel: click here

Always open to Rammstein trades.
Sad  I don't like goodbyes, will need some time to digest and make a proper post before June.
Hi all
Since I had to say goodbye to everyone, I want to admit that I have always been with you on the forum, although I was banned.
I want to wish everyone good health and good luck in collecting videos elsewhere or retire and sell their video archives, although now there are really more videos on YouTube than bootlegs from traders.
your favorite Gannibal
Glory to Ukraine
I wanne say Thx for all this Years to the Forum.

Thx for the good and bad Memories, for the People that i had the Chance to Meet in Person in Berlin.

Thx FlavorFlav for helping me out with my Tradepage.

I know that some other Trader here at the Forum had the Chance to Film more Shows that i ever had.

But i must say that i am very grateful for all the opportunities to Trade with so many People in the past und hopefully also in the Furture after the Forum dosent exit anymore.

Thx evrybody for the good Time and Memories..

That was a great time indeed, man. I'd like to thank you for your hard admin work here on raretrade!

Here's the discord invitation link for those of you who is not ready for this small community to die:
Once joining the board specify your raretrade username and I will suspend your account here to motivate the others to join discord board and speed up the migration.
I don't have much time for trading lately, but I'll do my best to process your discord join requests in time.

See ya all on the other side.
And here I thought this forum would outlast all. I would have offered to pay for the domain to keep going ( i offered this years before) but discord sounds good. And yes this and every other community have moved on which is only fair. No just because of youtube/cell phones but we're all older than we once were back in bandvideos days. I myself used to do 100 shows a year before covid days, now it's more than 10 maybe a year. I will still film, I don't think that will ever change. I always like to preserve something. Since trading/filming has slowed down I have been focusing more on trading old TV programing, or buying vhs recordables or dvd promo discs on ebay and other lots for more musical acts not found anywhere. It's still a fun hobby and the wife loves every bit of it when the post man delivers a new box of tapes on the our porch LOL. I do have a massive TV list with over 10K shows that includes every episode of late night programing (conan/fallon/kimmel/furgason etc) for the last 12 years with all the music acts that some day I'll post a list of. I hope this does get archived, everyone once in awhile it's good to look back on things (links/lists) etc.

And yes Flavor, If RAGE ever does come back in the area, I will film, and hope we can do something for it. As well as anyone else on here with their favor band.
As always, Please try and film Disturbed, Five Finger Death Punch and now Jinjer <3
See ya on discord. If not, feel free to contact me anytime on email/fb for future trades.
With a heavy heart I say goodbye to this forum. I remember I started trading when I was 15 and, of course, everything has changed since then .It was fun, it was expensive some times, but lots of joy afterall. For better or for worse things are different now and we have to embrace them.

Many thanks to all of you who´ve been involved in keeping this forum alive and , will see you at discord. Maybe this should be an turning point for trading, who knows ...

Take care !


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