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forum malware infected
the forum is infected by malware again :666 (931):

<iframe width='9' height='6' src='' frameborder='0' scrolling='no'>

i think the problem is again the vbShout plugin (this plugin is EVIL :mad: )

i'm out of the country for 2 weeks and can't fix it before....

if any other admin see this here:
- remove the iframe code from the mysql table with templates
- remove old vbShout (version 6.0.8)
- install new version (version 6.1.0)
there's been talks that joerg will create a new page with joomla
joomla with another forum software? great!
i think with another forum system yeah, that would be great indeed Smile
Joomla. Fuck no.
shows to attend 21.02.18 * updates daily
tried to install newest version of vbShout 6.1.0, but it does not work and the shoutbox remains with the message "loading..."

don't know why and i don't want invest that much time

without the newest vbshout bugfixes (including in 6.1.0) it is senseless to remove the malware code, becasue it will always come back through the vbshout exploits
I guess ingram doesn't have time for that Sad
shows to attend 21.02.18 * updates daily
i can pass admin privilegies to anyone who would care about board: fix issues, activate users et c.
installed new vbshout version and removed malware from templates... hope thats all
I'm still getting the same warning w/ FF v 19.0.2

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