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The Trader's Community is in need of a new banner!
Alright, so now that we have an official name, we need a banner to replace the "Bootleg Forum" banner up at the top. So, my question is, who all would be willing to take on the task of coming up with a nice, well-designed banner? I might work up something if I get the chance, but I'd like some of the people here who are handy with graphic design to create something. Once all of the entries have been submitted, the admins will vote on our choice banner.

I'll talk with Frantic and Ingram, but maybe I, or one of the other admins, could share a a master with the selected winner.

Let me know what you guys think and we can get this little contest started!
Formerly Bunny

[Image: qxtdme.gif]

[Image: memberoftheyear.jpg]
I would do one, (and also other things for this forum) but im just out of time at the moment with all my study shit.... Sad
Ah yeah, it's fine man. I know exactly what you mean. I hardly have any free time at all with my work for college.
Formerly Bunny

[Image: qxtdme.gif]

[Image: memberoftheyear.jpg]
I wish i could help, but im a shit a create picture, banner... This kinda stuff!

But, i'll upload some rip of my new master around march i guess!
love this forum Smile
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I like the banner we have now. Just change the text on it. Tongue
I know the color scheme doesn't fit the rest of the site, but something like this or do you want a live band image? Just kinda testing::666 (931):
[Image: 15dlvdl.jpg]
[Image: k0n1va.jpg]
That's pretty nice Grendel. I like the first one better, but we'll see what everyone else thinks.

I was thinking we could have multiple banners and code it to cycle the image every so often.
Formerly Bunny

[Image: qxtdme.gif]

[Image: memberoftheyear.jpg]
yes the first one seems to me better
tell height and weight of banner top? and whats you want to see there
[Image: 36829x.jpg]
[Image: TTFgG.png]
[Image: QLYls.jpg]
Ohh, one of the things I'm not a complete noob at: graphics! I'll post a bunch later this week.

EDIT: Can I include entries that I didn't make, as long as the designer doesn't copyright the design? I know some great graphic designers that can do things 100x better than me.
Full list:
DVD list:
Looking for: Hail The Villain, As I Lay Dying, All That Remains, Unearth, Rise Against, Between The Buried and Me.

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